Pith & Stem's DropTop hides a full desk behind a piece of artwork

If you live in a small home, a full-size desk can be an unsightly burden, one that takes up space even when it's not in use. Pith & Stem has a solution to this problem, one that hides a full desk, including two 24-inch monitors, behind an inconspicuous piece of artwork. The company's DropTop is described as a durable wall-mounted workstation that can be customized with various wood and art options.

Wall-mounted desks aren't a new concept, but they tend to come with some downsides: the hinges and desk surface are often flimsy, the useable workspace is often small, and the desks tend to protrude a few inches from the wall when folded. Pith & Stem has addressed these issues with its DropTop, which boasts durability in addition to an appealing, functional design.

Put simply, DropTop unfolds from the wall into a desk surface, revealing two 24-inch Full HD monitors that can be used with your existing laptop. The desk also has storage space for storing the laptop, charger, and accessories like a keyboard when not in use.

When folded, the desk's face reveals an ordinary frame and a photo or piece of artwork, depending on what the customer requests. The desk supports interchangeable picture inserts for shaking things up, plus customers get to choose the product's wood finish and frame, including white ash, classic wenge, American walnut, and more.

Pith & Stem has a customization tool on its website that allows customers to design the desk they want — the price starts at £1,099.00 and is made-to-order in the UK. According to the company, the handmade nature combined with high demand means there's a waiting list to get ahold of a unit — but if you're working from home, it may be worth the wait.