Pirates of the Caribbean 5 summer 2015 launch date delayed

Johnny Depp fans found out the hard way this summer that just because he's attached to a film doesn't mean it's going to do well at the box office. The Lone Ranger was easily one of the worst films that Depp has ever been associated with. Depp's hit film franchise has definitely been Pirates of the Caribbean. Word surfaced today that the next film in the franchise has been delayed.

Pirates of Caribbean 5 was originally planned to hit theaters in the summer of 2015. The reason for the delay according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer was due to issues with the script. Bruckheimer says that the film was supposed to start shooting in March. Johnny Depp is returning to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

The official title of the film is expected to be Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Bruckheimer says:

We have an outline everyone loves but the script is not done.

The same team behind the Pirates films was also behind The Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger cost an estimated $250 million to make and could force Disney to take $190 million write-down. With the production team under pressure after that high-profile failure, Disney is hoping to keep the cost of the new Pirates movie under $200 million.

Sources say that the original script was said by the studio to be difficult to follow and expensive to make. The screenwriter for the original script is Jeff Nathanson and he is currently working on his second attempt at the script.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter