Pioneer unveils new SE-NC31C-K noise cancelling headphones

Pioneer has unveiled a new set of earphones that are noise cancelling. Generally active noise cancellation earphones are the large over the ear style, but the SE-NC31C-k headphones are in-ear style. The earbuds have 14.2mm drivers and various adapters to allow you to use them with all sorts of devices.

The earphones get power for the active noise cancellation features with a single AAA battery. That one battery can power the headphones for 120 hours of music. The noise cancellation feature can also be turned off or bypassed when the battery is dead.

Pioneer ships the headphones with an in-flight plug adapter, interchangeable ear tips in four sizes, and a carry pouch. The cord is 4.6-feet long and the earphones sell for $99. You can order them right now and Pioneer promises that they cancel up to 90% of external sounds.