Pioneer SE-CLX9 earbuds - So many choices!

I enjoy listening to music when I'm on the go, however, I've had difficulty finding a pair of earbuds in the past that are comfortable enough. If you're picky about your earbuds, you might check out these new ones from Pioneer.

Just gaze upon the image of those earbuds for a minute. Could you possibly imagine actually taking the time to try out all of the various combinations that they have to offer? I know that I can't. There are a lot of things that I enjoy being able to customize, however, my earbuds aren't one of them.

You've got so many different choices because each adapter provides different levels of bass and treble. I suppose if you're an audiophile, these might appeal to you. However, your average Joe probably won't want to bother with them.

New Pioneer headphones for the anal-retentive audiophile in all of us [via crunchgear]