Pioneer HTP-S717

If you were looking for high quality audio at a middle of the road price, Pioneer has got what you want. Their new HTP-S717 system offers up 5.1 channel DTS with a wireless rear speaker for under a grand.

The wireless rear speaker isn't really completely free of wire, its still need power, but it doesn't have to be connected to the receiver through wires. The two main speakers have 7.7cm cone woofers and 2.5cm semi-dome tweeters (no mid?).

The center speaker is also a 7cm cone, the rear speaker features two of those as well, and the sub is 16cm. Better than what you have now? Likely, no its not soon to win any awards, but, it's a nice system for a decent price. Releases in Japan in September, the US later, should retail for about $764.

Affordable "Kuro" DTS coming from Pioneer in September [via uberreview]