Pioneer Flagship Blu-Ray Player BDP-LX80 gets Firmware Update

The pricey line of Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray player, BDP-LX80, reported as US equivalent BDP-95FD, gets an update to version 3.2 at Japan. It improves subtitles usability as well as BD-Java menu. Current 95FD version at Pioneer US's site is 3.15. It's a 1.0 profile player so one could only hope continued support on the troublesome Java menu. Frankly, I think all this java interactive menu is piece of costly garbage. I just want to watch the movie with best audio and video quality available, finish it and probably never watched it again. I don't fancy picture in picture nonsense much like the multiple angle crap they have in legacy DVD and who is using it anyway?

Pioneer, BD player "BDP-LX80" Update – Interactive features such as improved stability [via impress]