Pinterest makes it easier to search content using a variety of skin tones

Board-based curating platform Pinterest is making it easier for its users to search for products based on a variety of skin tones, something that is particularly useful when it comes to makeup and fashion products. While the platform already featured skin tone-based searches, it wasn't terribly useful due to its limited skin tone ranges and accuracy. This time around, Pinterest says the updated skin tone search is much more accurate and expansive.

Pinterest is, of course, a platform where anyone can search through content, save them into specific collections, and use them to find products to purchase. An example would be makeup products, but finding the rights ones can be tricky if the platform doesn't make it possible to find items designed specifically for individual skin tones.

Pinterest has updated the technology it uses to identify skin tones in beauty and fashion-related pins — it says it has quadrupled how many pins its search engine can find based on skin tones. As well, the signal that identifies skin tones is now three times more likely to (compared to the previous version) find multiple skin tone ranges in the top pin results.

In addition, Pinterest says that it has expanded the availability of its skin tone range search feature beyond the US into several other big markets, including Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Ireland. The feature is presented with tappable skin tone ranges as demonstrated in the image above.

In addition, the platform's AR try-on feature for beauty products has added new brands, enabling users to 'try' on a particular makeup product to see how it looks without actually visiting a store for samples. This update brings the number of available try-on shades to more than 10,000, Pinterest says, accessible through millions of pins.