Pink PSP Coming in October?

Pink is in and Sony is smart to market towards the other half of the population – women. Recent survey revealed that women prefer a new plasma television to diamond. How about a Pink PSP over a tennis bracelet? I guess the answer to that depends on what she wants at the moment. Sony seem to think that young women associate confidence and powerful attitude with a Pink PSP, and goes on to say "The Association with Pink, a worldwide icon and musical chameleon, will enable PSP to push new boundaries." All right Sony, we hear you, you have deep pockets and can do as you wish, all hail to Sony.PSP Crazy reports that the new Pink PSP is release sometime in October for the European market. It comes with white headphones, PSP pouch, wrist strap, a 32MB Memory Stick, and UMD featuring pink content for $215. This is a limited edition, so pre-ordering is highly recommended. Again, the Pink PSP is NOT available stateside.