Pink Galaxy Note 5 debuts in South Korea before iPhone 6s arrival

Just as it was when Apple's iPhone 5s debuted in gold two years ago, other phone manufacturers like Samsung are rushing to copy the iPhone 6s' new rose gold color option. In order to keep the attention on its latest Galaxy devices in its home country of South Korea, Samsung has announced the Note 5 will be released in a new "pink gold" color, just prior to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus' arrival in the country.

The new iPhone 6s models will be going on sale in South Korea next week, starting October 23rd. At the same time, Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 will released in the new pink gold color, as well as titanium silver. The two new colors join the existing gold platinum, black sapphire, and white pearl options.

The rose gold color for the iPhone 6s has turned out to be very popular in many of the countries it's already available in, and it's likely to be the same in South Korea, so it does make sense for Samsung to offer the color on its own devices. However, the fact that they're releasing it so close to the iPhone 6s' release shows how much Samsung has to worry about, as even in their home country the Galaxy devices have been trailing behind Apple's over the last year.

As for the pink Galaxy Note 5, Samsung mentioned there are plans to eventually release it in more Asian countries, but beyond that there are no firm details. Sounds like those in the US hoping to get the new color may be in for a long wait.

SOURCE AJU Business Daily

VIA Apple Insider