Pimp your bed with lights, just like your car

Are you one of those people that buys a Honda Civic and puts a fart cannon, body kit, abnormally, non-functionally large spoiler, and under-car lighting on it, thinking that all that equates to a faster car? Well, we have some lighting for under your bunk bed kid.

This dome shaped LED light affixes itself to the underside of your bed, and lights up the floor around it, officially making you look like a tool. Sure, it could be useful for those of you that neatly pack away and store stuff under your bed.

But more likely if you buy one, its for some 13 year old sibling of yours that thinks this type of thing is cool. And, for such a kid that's fine, even I though these types of things were cool at that age, but if you are over the age of about 15 or 16, don't bother, if you persist though, it'll cost you $36 to guarantee you remain a virgin till you remove it.

Undercarriage lighting for your bed [via technabob]