Pimp My Horn - Horntones FX-550

One thing that most every car and computer enthusiast has in common is that they can never leave things the way that came. They always have to change this, and tweak that. Here's a device that can help them find common ground.

The Horntones FX-550 hooks up to your your car or truck's existing horn, and modify the sound it makes. This isn't just to change the tone of the beep, it can play any standard audio file at the same noise level as a standard horn.

I'm sure the first thing everyone is going to do with this is make their car sound just like the General Lee. But you can put just about anything you want on it. Just download your sounds on a USB drive and plug it into the FX-550, and you're ready to annoy people at 55MPH.

Horntones: customize your honk [via uberreview]