PillCam ESO 2 - Take one and call me in the morning

Are you worried about how everything is working on the inside? No, not your computer's insides, your insides. There are some pretty exciting gross pics after the jump of just what you can see with the new PillCam ESO 2.

The PillCam is basically a small camera that they have crammed inside of a giant pill. It has just recently been approved by the FDA. So just swallow this huge pill and it will start clicking pictures at a rate of 14 images per second.

You're probably going to need to go to the doctor's office to get one of these. Even if you do manage to somehow get your hands on one, it doesn't actually connect to your computer or broadcast the images wirelessly. I just hope that they intend these things for one time use only.

PillCam ESO 2 Gives a Better View of Your Esophagus (Verdict: Still not Pretty) [via gizmodo]