Pics of the ATI Radeon 5970 dual GPU video card leak

ATI has been strong in recent months with a slew of new video card offerings that have been well received by gamers offering good performance at a good price. ATI has been offering NVIDIA strong competition and costing NVIDIA some of the market share lead that it typically holds over ATI. Today some pics of a new ATI video card have been leaked online.

The card is called the ATI HD 5970 dual GPU video card and it sports two GPUs on one PCB. The card is a massive 13.5-inches long making it likely to only fit inside the largest of the computer cases on the market. AMD has forced the publication that leaked the pictures to pull the associated performance data from their post.

The card is said to be an early engineering sample so the massive length of the card could change before the thing hits market, assuming it ever hits market at all. The card needs both a 6-pin and an 8-pin power adapter so it will suck power from the PSU. Availability and final specifications are unknown.