PhotoTrackr Mini DLP900 geotagging solution debuts

I like technology, but one thing that I have never really understood is wanting to geotag photos that I take. I'm not sure I really need to know the exact location where the photo was shot, I am pretty sure I can recall where I was from the image. Perhaps in 50 years when I can't remember how to go to the restroom the GPS coordinates would come in handy. If you are into geotagging and are looking for a compact device to do the deed, the PhotoTrackr Mini DLP900 has debuted.

The device is smaller and faster than the original PhotoTrackr device and offers the same functionality. The device is about the size of your typical flash drive according to GiSTEQ, the maker of the device. One of the best improvements over the original isn't size though.

The new Mini version supports Mac computers and RAW file format thanks to new software. GPS fixes are also said to be "much faster" than the original. Sports fans can also get accessory software called SportsTracks that will allow the tracking of workouts via GPS. The PhotoTrackr Mini sells for $69.