Photoshop, Illustrator on iPad gets live streaming feature

For years, it seemed that Adobe was mostly ignoring the rising popularity of Apple's iPads as creativity tools even when the first iPad Pros came out. Its apps for the large slates paled in comparison to its popular desktop software and has allowed competitors like Procreate to become household names in that market. It is slowly but surely trying to make up for lost time by adding what has become a rather popular feature among digital artists, the ability to stream their work to an online audience.

Live streaming is mostly associated with gaming, events, lectures, and instructional guides but the past years have seen a rise in content creators sharing their work and their processes online as well. Twitch, as always, has been home to these streams as well as more dedicated sites like Picarto. Adobe is now pushing its own live streaming platform, based on Behance, and you won't even have to leave your Adobe app to be a part of it.

Photoshop and the newly-launched Illustrator for the iPad now feature built-in live streaming, allowing creators to share and instruct using the same tool they're using to create in the first place. Adobe actually first played around with live streaming on its Fresco app, which is now available on the iPhone as well, so it already knows its way around this technology.

Unlike other streaming platforms, however, Adobe lets users also watch streams from the very same apps. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fresco on the iPad feature a Discover tab where users will be able to see what's currently available. But since it's built from Behance, it's also possible to watch those on any web browser.

A bit ironically, live streaming is available only on the iPad versions of Photoshop and Illustrator. The feature is currently available for on the desktop but only as a limited beta you'll have to apply for to get in.