Photoshop gets Content-Aware Crop tool

I use Photoshop nearly every single day. Most days, I'm just using it for basic tasks like cropping and resizing images to put in articles. Some days I'll use it for editing photos that I've taken for one reason or another. While all of the basic tools are nice, there's one tool that has become my absolute favorite since it was released, and it's about to get even better.

Sometimes you take a really good photo, only to find that there's something small in the shot that you don't want to see. There are any number of ways to get rid of something like that, but the easiest is by using the Content-Aware Fill. Just select the area around the thing you want rid of, choose Fill, and select Content-Aware. A second later, the area is filled with content that was automatically generated. Most times, the selected area becomes indistinguishable from the area around it.

Today, Adobe announced another new feature that builds on the Content-Aware tool. This time, instead of just selecting an area to fill, they're integrating it with the crop tool. Imagine rotating a picture to get the straight shot that you want, only to find that due to the way you have to crop it, you've lost important details. Now, you can simply select Content-Aware when you you do it, and the tool will fill in all of the missing white areas. Check out the video below for a full demonstration.

While this may not be quite as big of a game changer as the original Content-Aware tool, it's still going to be really nice to have, when it's needed. The tool will show up in the next major release for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Source: Adobe