Photoshop gains MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support

Mac users who are also avid Photoshop users will love this new announcement. That new MacBook Pro touchbar has gained some cool new functionality within the photo editing platform. Adobe says that it has been working hard to bring support for the Touch Bar to Photoshop and as of yesterday the update adding in that support is available for download.

Adobe reckons that Touch Bar integration is useful for a contextual next step for the beginner that doesn't know how to navigate the software and for the experienced user allowing them faster access to their next action. Adobe designed for Touch Bar with three categories of functions including Layer Properties, Brushes, and customizable favorites.

The Layers Properties section lets users choose common actions like Smart Object, clip layers, and Select and mask controls. Brushes section gives access to brush color, size, hardness, opacity, and flow. Each of the commands features a slider to pick the correct value.

The Favorites section lets the user configure their own actions and it can be any combination of available actions. The actions can be from any of the previous actions and can be commands like Full Screen mode, flip, or can launch the macOS share menu.

The update can be installed via Help-Updates and there are other fixes included in the update as well. It's cool to see the Touch Bar getting more useful for MacBook Pro users, Photoshop integration isn't as cool as the Doom integration we saw a while back but Photoshop is more useful for most than Doom.