Photos of claimed iPhone 5 logic board hit the web

Rumors about the new iPhone 5 continue to swirl as we build up to what is believed to be a September 12 launch event for the new Apple smartphone. These are photographs of the logic board come from a Chinese forum called Weiphone. The logic board is the section of the smartphone that holds the processor and other chips the device uses.

While logic boards for older versions of the iPhone aren't offered side-by-side, the design of the logic board shown in these photographs, and rumored to be for the iPhone 5, is different from those used for the iPhone 4S and 4. Interestingly, another website called Nowhereelse is claiming that the screw holes in the logic board line up perfectly with previously leaked images claiming to show the back panel for the iPhone 5. The rumors are certainly starting at up to a decent overall understanding of the iPhone 5.

We've seen quite a few images hit the Internet that are supposed to be parts of the iPhone 5. This happened in previous years with current versions of the iPhone as well. Leaked images of the iPhone 4S logic board turned up prior to that smartphones launch revealing the fact that it would use an A5 processor.

Since the logic board we see in these photos has shielding in place, it's difficult to tell exactly what processor and other chips might be hidden underneath. It's also worth noting that the person who leaked these photographs of the iPhone 5 logic board is the same person who leaked those photographs of the 4S board last year that turned out to be accurate.

[via Macrumors]