Photographer Spends Hundreds Of Thousands On Massive 10MP Image Sensor

If you are a photographer that takes product shots for high-end magazines and advertising campaigns your equipment is on a completely different level that what most of us have access too. Take Mitchell Feinberg for instance this guy is a specialist in shooting photos of expensive wares from cars to watches and he takes his job seriously. Apparently, Feinberg was tired of shooting test shots with an instant 8x10 Polaroid camera to check exposure and focus.

Those shots were $15 each and with 7-8 test shots per product the dude was spending about $50,000 each year on the film alone for test shots. Instead of throwing his money away, he took a bunch of loot and commissioned himself a gigantic 10MP image sensor that he could use in place of that film. The sensor is called the Maxback and it shoots 8x10 photos.

The sensor is solely for test shots since the resolution isn't enough for quality photos. Feinberg didn't come clean on what the sensor cost him. Actually, it wasn't a sensor he purchased, but a pair so he could have a backup. Feinberg said the cost of development and the two sensors was enough to buy a nice home before the housing crash. TechCrunch thinks the price is around $500,000.

[via TechCrunch]