Photofast MemoriesCable backs up iOS devices as you charge

If you have lots of data on your iOS device like photos, music, or eBooks that you want to backup there are already a few ways to do that. You can have the iPhone back up the content to the cloud. If we learned anything from the rash of leaked celebrity nudes earlier this year, we learned that your cloud content is only as safe as your password. The alternative might be to back up your content locally using a new cable from Photofast called the MemoriesCable.

The MemoriesCable works like a normal charge and sync cable but it doesn't look like an Apple cable. It has bulbous ends that hide internal storage allowing the cable to backup your favorite content locally as you charge your device. The MemoriesCable is 13cm long and weighs 9.4g making it very portable.

Other than using the cable to backup your data, you can also use it to take more content with you on the go. If your internal storage on the iOS device is full, you can put new eBooks, music, and photos on the internal storage inside the cable.

The cable also supports streaming of videos to AirPlay devices from its internal storage. An app that runs on the iOS device handles backing up of the content you want saved from contacts, calendar, and photos. The app can also limit access to data stored on the cable by locking it with your fingerprint. Pricing for the MemoriesCable is unannounced; it comes in 64GB or 128GB capacities.

SOURCE: Photofast