PhotoFast launches i-FlashDrive HD

Shane McGlaun - Jan 10, 2013
PhotoFast launches i-FlashDrive HD

PhotoFast has launched a new product CES 2013 called the i-FlashDrive HD. Don’t confuse this updated product with the companies i-FlashDrive that we talked about last summer. The new version has changes to make it work with the latest iPhone 5 and other tweaks.

The second-generation i-FlashDrive HD is designed to allow users to transfer, you, and share documents, images, video, and audio files between a number of gadgets and Apple devices. The transfer files between something such as your iPhone and your computer can be accomplished using the i-FlashDrive HD without needing battery power, a Wi-Fi network, or mobile network.

The new version of the drive is faster and slimmer than the original. The new device is compatible with the iPhone 5 when used in conjunction with the Apple Lightning adapter and will work for 30-pin devices as well. The hardware flash drive device works in conjunction with an application allowing users to upload, organize, edit, and manage files across multiple devices.

Those devices can include Mac computers, PCs, iPad, iPhone, and other devices that have a USB port. Video and other files can be played directly from the i-FlashDrive. The drive is available with 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB of storage. The i-FlashDrive HD ranges in price from $99-$329 depending on the capacity and all four capacities are available now.

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