PhotoFast debuts epic iPADock with room for multiple Apple gadgets

I have complained before about the lack of AC outlets in my office and other rooms of my house. I have surge protectors plugged into surge protectors to get all my gadgets plugged in. With the fact that we have an iPod touch, two iPhones, and an iPad floating around my house at any given time needing juice it's not uncommon to find Apple gear laying all over the place.

PhotoFast has unveiled a slick new dock that will help people that have lots of Apple gear in their house to charge that stuff without taking up all their outlets. The dock is called the iPADock. The dock measures in at 68.5 x 140 x 190mm, which means it is pretty large. It weighs 800g and has compatibility with the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and nano. It can also read memory cards of all sorts and gets power from a 5A/5V DC adapter.

You can arrange the dock to charge different gadgets using the charge cables that come with the Apple gear. You can arrange the dock to hold an iPad and two iPhones or up to four iPhone size devices. If you have two iPads, they can also be charged at the same time. It also has slots for you to plug in your iPad Camera connection kit. Pricing is roughly $79 here or 2500 NDT with shipping set for September.