Photo Album Storyteller Voice Recorder Enhances Your Physical Photos

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, and for most that's probably enough. But we all know someone who has "more to the story" elements with some of their photos, and the Storyteller voice recorder was created for people like that. Designed to just slide over your photos of choice, it will retell a story through the integrated speaker, and enhance your photo right on the spot.

The process is pretty simple. Just put a coded sticker next to the desired photo, and then scan it with the Story Teller. You then record the story you want to say, and then the next time you pass the device over that particular sticker, the story will begin to play through the speaker. Included in the Storyteller box are 500 individual coded stickers, so unless you go absolutely crazy with it, you should be able to fill your photo album will plenty of extra tid-bits of information.

The Storyteller is powered by three AAA batteries, and it will cost you only $99.95. If you want to back up your recordings, you can do so by connecting the Story Teller to your PC via the USB cable. You can pick up the Storyteller from the firstSTREET website right now.