PhoneJoy Play smartphone game controller hits Kickstarter

If you're the sort who likes to play video games on the go using your Android smartphone, tablet, or iPhone you probably wished you had a game controller at some point. A new game controller specifically designed for mobile devices has turned up on Kickstarter. The device is called the PhoneJoy Play and supports just about any device you can think of.

If you use the controller with a smart phone, you can pull both sides the controller apart and it will expand allowing you to wedge the smartphone in the middle of the controller. When closed, the controller measures 102 mm wide by 87 mm high by 37 mm deep. When fully extended, the controller measures 255 mm wide by 87 mm high by 37 mm deep.

That means you can place smartphones up to 153 mm wide and 14 mm thick in the center of the controller. The device weighs about 250 g and uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to connect to any device supporting Bluetooth game controllers. That means this controller will work for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and iOS devices.

The wireless range promises to be up to 30 feet from the device and the controller uses an internal rechargeable battery. The battery is good for 20 hours of play per charge and the controller has 14 programmable buttons. It appears to be laid out in a manner similar to an Xbox 360 controller. The project is seeking $50,000 and with 29 days to go has raised $11,424. Right now, the cheapest pledge that will get you one of the controllers when they ship in April of next year is $50.