PhoneGuard blocks texting when a phone is traveling faster than 10mph

With all the press, that has surrounded texting and driving with the hazards and fatalities that distracted driving can bring, people still do it every day. Many states and cities have laws in place banning texting and driving, but people ignore the laws and teens especially tend to think that they can text and drive.

A company called PhoneGuard is set to debut new software at CES 2011 that will prevent anyone from texting and driving. The PhoneGuard software promises to install easily on smartphones and disables the ability to text when the phone is moving faster than 10 mph.

The software uses the phones internal GPS system to determine how fast the phone is moving and it disables the texting, email, and keyboard function of the phone when it detects speeds over 10mph. The app can also be set up to notify a parent or boss when a vehicle is moving at an unsafe speed by sending a notification to another device. Another feature is TimeOut mode that determines when a child can send or receive text messages, email, and surf the web.