Phone Roundup: Samsung Alias 2 unboxing, MOTO W7 and more

There's always interesting phone-related news popping up on our radar, so we'd thought we'd share some of what we've found with you in a new Phone Roundup! First up is the Motorola Moto W7 Active Edition, announced yesterday, which features two cameras (a 2-megapixel for stills and one VGA for video calls), Bluetooth, expandable microSD card memory, and motion-controlled games plus a pedometer.

We also caught a glimpse of an unboxing of the Samsung Alias 2, which sports an E-ink QWERTY keyboard and a decent price tag of $79.99.

A candybar messaging handset called the Samsung Magnet has hit AT&T for just $19.99, which is bright orange and is super easy to use with SMS, IM and Bluetooth. Plus, yesterday, we heard that the Garmin Nuvifone G60 was being delayed once again and the next expected release date falls in the last months of the year. We also caught a glimpse of a few leaked pictures of the BlackBerry Onyx which looks to be a cross between the 8900 and the Bold.

Finally, a leak from AT&T shows that the BlackBerry 8900 will cost $199.99 on the carrier, and might just be available starting on May 25th. And that's it for today. There will no doubt be plenty more phone news on the horizon tomorrow.