Phone Round-up: Nokia N97, LG enV3 and more

We have quite a bit of phone news for you today, so we had better jump right in. First, we got word that the Nokia N97 NAM would be arriving on June 2nd, according to a new rumor. But there was a lot to come from Nokia besides that tidbit.

In fact, the phone maker announced a new clamshell phone called the Nokia 7020 that's designed to add a bit of fashion to your phone. The Nokia 2720 fold was also revealed, which which has an affordable price tag at the expense of a stripped down feature set along with the Nokia 2730 classic, which is the manufacturer's least expensive 3G phone.

We also found out today that the dev team tweeted about the status of Windows Mobile 6.5, claiming that it was "done." We heard another rumor as well that the LG enV3 will be released on May 29th, but we'll just have to wait and see if that turns out to be true or not. That's all for today, folks. We'll be back at it tomorrow with plenty more phone news and information to keep you satisfied.