Phobos Gaming system now comes with 2 BFG graphics cards

BFG Tech announced today that the Phobos Performance Gaming/Home Theater System will be available with two graphics cards, rather than just one, as a part of its standard model. But that's not all the supplier has done in terms of updates. 

In fact, along with the two shiny and new BFG GeForce GT 275 OC graphics cards that come standard, you also get Intel solid state drives as a part of the upgrade options. 

According to BFG, the dual graphics card set up makes for a serious improvement in performance. The Phobos Performance Edition includes a liquid cooled Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz processor, the dual graphics cards that run in NVIDIA SLI, one touch overclocking, free installation and more. You can get it now for starting at $3,000.