Philo is the latest streaming TV service to increase its monthly price

Philo, one of the cheaper and more basic live streaming television services, has announced a price increase. This will be the first time since Philo launched years ago that it has raised its rate, though current subscribers will continue to pay the current $20/month price tag. New customers, however, will have to pay an extra five bucks a month starting in early June.

The news comes from Deadline, which says that Philo will increase its new customer rate to $25/month starting on June 8. As well, current subscribers have the opportunity to pay a bit more and get cloud DVR storage that retains content for a full year rather than just one month — that perk comes with paying the extra five dollars a month, however.

The company describes an increase in programming costs as the reason for its subscription price hike, though Philo is still ultimately cheaper than the majority of its competitors. The service offers a sizeable, but still fairly modest, channel lineup that includes big networks: Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Food Network, A&E, Discovery, TLC, and similar.

Subscribers who want more than the 63 channels that come with the service have the option of adding on extras at various price points, such as Epix for an extra $6/month and Starz for $9/month. While the service isn't likely to satisfy those who want maximum add-on options and channels, it is perfectly suitable for many people who want to augment their on-demand subscriptions with a live television option.

The move comes amid a general price increase across the OTT television market, with competitors like YouTube TV, Hulu, and similar having increased their rates over past months. Though streaming live television has become a popular alternative to traditional pay-TV, some have criticized the market as becoming as expensive as cable and satellite alternatives — and that may be what ultimately gives Philo with its $25/month plan an edge in the future.