Philips unveils Wake-up Light HF3490 and HF3480 alarm clocks

If you are the type who has a hard time waking up to a dark and cold room each morning, Philips may have a great alarm clock for you. The company has unveiled the HF3490 and HF3480 Wake-up Light alarm clocks. These clocks have music and wake you to a simulated natural sunrise as well.

Philips uses a large light box that simulates a natural sunrise with light that gradually comes on starting 30 minutes before your alarm is set to go off. Philips claims the clocks are clinically proven to have an impact on the quality of awakening. After the 30-minute light period, the device can wake you to sounds or music.

Sounds the devices offer include chirping birds, gentle beep, African jungle sounds, or soft chimes. The iPod version of the device can wake you to FM radio or playlists from your iPod as well. Both versions have the FM tuner. Both versions are available now for $169.99 for the HF3480 and $199.99 for the HF3490.