Philips Streamium Wireless Music makes taking your music with you around the house a breeze

So you fill your house with these Streamium units, and each one can connect an iPod, USB flash drive, play CD's, FM radio, or connect to your computer and stream music. Oh, and each one has an 80GB hard drive that you can rip CD's to and stuff like that.

From here, it gets really good, the resources from one system, can be streamed to any one of the other systems. So let's say you rip a CD to the hard drive in the system in your front room, and you move to your bedroom and want to continue listening to it, you can.

No more fighting or arguing with family members or living space mates, you can move about the house and your music will follow you. Its amazing, and, all the units don't have to be the same one you see pictured, there are several other units available from Philips that use the technology.

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