Philips MCD900 and MCi900 Announced, Featuring SoundSphere Systems

There's nothing slowing down the in-home audio equipment movement, that's for sure. With two brand new units unveiled by Philips today, the MCD900 and MCi900 wager that they pack enough features within their sleek frames, and will capture your eye with their stylish curves, that they'll be the next units you drop your hard earned cash on. Of course, in the market you've got to be pretty fierce and option up plenty of specifications and features to make anyone interested in your announcement. Thankfully, Philips has us covered.

Both units will feature Philips' SoundSphere Systems, which will allow the units to pump out 100W RMS output. As for the MCD900, that's going to be where your traditional media shines through. If you've got your DVD and CD collection gathering dust somewhere, then you'll be happy to know that the MCD900 will support playback from both physical media options. Well, happy if you still feel like using your DVD or CD collection. It doesn't support Blu-ray, though.

The MCi900 is the "future" piece of equipment between the pair. Along with featuring the SoundSphere Systems, it will also be able to play music back courtesy of the Streamium technology therein. You'll be able to access music from USB hard drives, as well as the integrated 160GB hard drive within, so you should always have plenty of music ready to go. There's also built-in WiFi, so you can take your pick of Internet radio stations, too. And yes, if you were wondering what the SoundSphere Technology looked like, it is those two spheres popping out above the main speakers.

[via IT Tech News]