Philips CD5351S DECT Cordless Color Phone

Karn Suriyasasin - Nov 26, 2006

We all know that most of the cell phone in the market now come in color, so why not the home phone!? If you like something fancy, you’d like this white babe from Philips. The CD5351S DECT is a cordless phone with a color screen: 4096 display color with 98×67 pixel and CSTN display technology. The phone can play games, store 50 numbers, and send and log SMS texts. This cordless phone has a base that also works as an answering machine, and that can accommodate up to five handsets.

Philips CD5351S DECT features digital answering machine with 15-minute recording time and illuminated message-counter on base, icon-driven color menu, selectable wallpapers, games, SMS, identify call ID by the ringtone, and hands-free speakerphone. This Philips phone costs $89.

Welcome to the color world [via Philips]

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