Philippe Starck designs the car haters EV

Philippe Starck has designed an electric vehicle from the angle of a person who hates cars. Seriously, he hates cars, he said so himself. Apparently, he thinks cars and noisy, dirty, antisocial, masochistic, and bring out the worst in people. Ironically, I rather feel the same way about some designers. The EV looks like something from a 60s moon-themed beach movie. I'm pretty sure Starck wants the owners of this vehicle to die.

Somehow, the car-hating designer managed to get this EV, called the V+ Volteis, on display at the Geneva Auto Show, and it will sell for about $40,000. It makes the Toyota Prius look badass by comparison. The seats are nothing but a metal frame wrapped in that plastic strap stuff from 80s lawn chairs. You get seatbelts, but no air bag.

There is no trunk, but you do get a wicker basket up front, which looks plenty big to carry your shame. The roof is made from some sort fabric. Apparently, the car will be sold through 15 different stores in France and eventually sold in other major cities around the world. The designer hopes that people needing green transportation for vacation homes will buy and hotels on islands might use the vehicles as runabouts for guests. Maybe that's why it reminds me of Tatu's car from fantasy Island. De Lame! De Lame!

[via WSJ]