Phidgets - a treasure trove of sensors for your PC

Here's a cool gadget that will surely make modding enthusiasts giddy. It is actually a set of sensors that you can hook up to your PC for all kinds of fun.

You get various sensors or "Phidgets" to do with what you please. They include a motion sensor, temperature, vibration, light and magnetic sensors. Some of you might be wondering why on earth anyone would want those things. Trust me, the sky's the limit on what you can do with them, and since they connect via USB, getting it to interface with your PC will be a breeze.

The price isn't bad for what you get. It's around $225 for the set. It may be more than some modders want to pay, but those that are looking to create something truly unique will find the price appealing.

Phidgets – cool USB sensor kit for your computer [via redferret]