Phase Technology unveils new in-ceiling 3-inch speakers at CEDIA

When it comes to getting home theater surround sound speakers in a room running the wires and finding a place to sit normal speakers can be a big challenge. The problem is that in many rooms the places available to sit a speaker for rear channels and front channels are not always the place where the speakers would sound the best.

If your room is large or has obstacles to setting speakers up into the room in-ceiling or in-wall speakers might be the best bet. Phase Technology has unveiled a new in-ceiling speaker line that is very small and still promise quality sound. The Phase Technology 3-inch speakers come in several models.

The speakers can be had in SPF-15 version that connects to a wall plate for swiveling with no tools needed. The CL1.5 is a round ceiling mount 3-inch unit. The CL15 is a square 3-inch speaker for mounting inside walls, and the CL-MM3-II is an update to the existing 3-inch in-wall Spacia speaker.