Pew Research shows Pinterest is larger than many think

When it comes to social networking, most people know that Facebook is by far the largest social network around. Pew Research Center released a survey recently looking at late 2012 for the social networking landscape. As expected, Facebook was in the lead with 67% of Internet users in the United States using the social network.

The battle in the social networking market right now is for the second place spot. Pew shows that 16% of American Internet users are on twitter while 15% are on Pinterest. The two social networks being separated by one percentage point is a very close race and even closer when you consider Pew's margin of error.

Pew says that its numbers can be off plus or minus 2.6%, meaning that Pinterest could easily be the second largest social network in the world right now. Pinterest is also growing having only 12% of United States Internet users on the network as of August 2012. The fourth place spot for the most popular social network went to Instagram boasting 13% of Internet users in the US on its service.

However, if we again consider the plus or minus 2.6% margin of error Pew admits to, Instagram could easily be the third most popular or even the second most popular social network in the United States. All we know for sure is that Facebook is dominating on a massive scale and it's a three horse race for the second place spot.

[via Huffington Post]