Pets are Fallout 76's next big feature

Now that the big Wasterlanders update for Fallout 76 is in the books, players are naturally wondering what's next. As it turns out, Bethesda is planning to add pets to the game, giving you an animal companion to explore the wasteland with. That's just one of the additions that Bethesda is plotting, and it sounds like 2020 could wind up being a pretty big year for the beleaguered game.

Following the launch of Wastelanders, Bethesda's Jeff Gardiner and Ferret Baudoin, who serve as Fallout 76 project lead and lead designer respectively, took to the Fallout 76 subreddit to host an AMA about the update. While many of the questions they received were about Wastelanders, they also received a fair few about the future of the game.

You can check out the full AMA via the link above, but those primarily interested in what's next will want to check out this separate post put together by Reddit user KATheHuman. In addition to pets padding out the companion system in Fallout 76, Gardiner and Baudoin promised some "very fun" features for the CAMP system.

It's also possible that we'll see content beyond Appalachia, but if that pans out, it seems like something that would be a long way out. We'll see the addition of legendary perk cards, perk loadouts and the One Appalachia update this summer, and it's even possible that the Brotherhood of Steel will be making a return.

All of this is very vague, probably because Gardiner and Baudoin can't talk about specifics on an official basis yet. However, the two did say that Bethesda will soon be releasing a content roadmap that covers the rest of 2020 "very soon," so that could very well have more answers for us. We'll let you know when Bethesda shares that roadmap (and when it confirms some of the features Gardiner and Baudoin talked about in this AMA) so stay tuned for more.