Persona 25th anniversary site teases 7 big reveals

The Persona series is turning 25 years old in 2021, and it seems that Atlus has a series of big announcements lined up to celebrate. Atlus has launched the Persona 25th-anniversary website, and on it, the company is teasing seven announcements it's planning to make over the course of a year. Unfortunately, Persona fans will have to wait a bit longer for the announcements to begin.

That's because they won't be kicking off until September, according to the new website. That makes sense as Revelations: Persona – the first game in the Persona series – released in September 1996, but it does put a couple of months between us and the first of the announcements Atlus plans to make.

From there, it seems the company plans to make regular announcements for about a year, wrapping up sometime in autumn 2022. The Persona website does not indicate what these announcements might be, but that doesn't stop us from making a few guesses. The seven announcements Atlus plans to make could include projects like the long-rumored Persona 3 remake, a port of Persona 5 to PC, or of course, Persona 6.

While we wait for Atlus to get the ball rolling on the Persona announcements, it's also worth pointing out that the company has launched a shop for Persona's 25th. While none of the products are available yet, they are all up for pre-order. The collection of Persona-themed products Atlus plans to sell for the 25th anniversary encompasses everything from mugs, shirts, and pins to masks, key chains, and even towels.

So, it looks like Atlus has a lot lined up for Persona's 25th anniversary, but we can't know about it just yet. We'll let you know when Atlus starts making the seven big reveals it has on tap, but in the meantime, you can check out the Persona 25th-anniversary website and see what kind of Persona-themed products are up for pre-order.