Periscope update adds new Global Map, skip-ahead feature

Periscope has pushed out an update for both its Android and iOS apps, adding a revamped Global Map and the new ability to skip ahead on replays, the latter of which caters to the more time-pressed users out there. In addition, for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners, there's also 3D Touch shortcuts, including Search People, Teleport, Broadcast, and Broadcast Mutuals. Those on Android specifically have scored pinch-to-zoom.

This is a major update for the apps, with the most notable of the changes being the improved Global Map. The first iteration of the Global Map was introduced back in June, but Periscope says that it brought with it some limitations. This time around, the map isn't limited to only showing live broadcasts, as well as the 250 broadcasts cap.

The revamped version bring with it "major improvements," says Periscope. When users zoom in on a new place on the map, Periscope will pull up broadcasts taking place in that area — this will include replays from the last 24 hours in that spot, making it easier to find things you just recently missed.

To distinguish between them, live broadcasts are shown as red dots, while replays of broadcasts are shown as blue dots. Joining that is the new skip-ahead feature, allowing users to fast-forward through a replay to the part they're interested in watching. To use the feature, just press down when the replay is in progress, then drag your finger.

SOURCE: Periscope Medium