Periscope Producer removes the livestreaming mobile tether

Periscope is removing its mobile tether, and in doing so is opening up the platform to a wider range of possibilities. The company has announced Periscope Producer, a way to livestream on the platform from devices other than a smartphone or tablet. The company says Periscope Producer allows for streaming from 'external sources,' examples of those being things like pro-grade cameras and streaming software.

The company says that while it "strongly believe[s] in the power of sharing live video from mobile devices," it is also eager to expand the ways in which broadcasters can share live video content. Periscope Producer seems to be targeted more at organizations and other entities that are interested in higher production values and other types of streaming not possible with mobile devices.

Ordinarily, you'd livestream on Periscope using either its iOS or Android app and your smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad. With Periscope Producer, though, you could have the livestreaming coming from your laptop, for example, straight from a high-quality dedicated camera, and similar.

Producer has already been put to work by some organizations, including by some news networks that have utilized it for livestreaming coverage of various things (like weather and politics). Periscope Producer has also been used to livestream major awards show and other entertainment. Ultimately, Producer facilitates the airing of pro-level content that's very difficult to pull off with mobile devices.

Periscope says such content 'has always been part of our vision.' If you're interested, you can get started with Producer here.

SOURCE: Periscope