Periscope executive lighted portfolio for Kindle DX breaks cover

The Amazon Kindle DX is one of the coolest gadgets that has hit the market in a long time. One of the only real drawbacks to the Kindle line that I can see is that they lack a backlight so you need a light to read in a dark room. Perhaps future versions will get a backlight.

The lack of a backlight means that there are lots of accessories that have popped up to shed light on the reading material. The latest is from Periscope and is called the Executive Lighted Portfolio. The device has a collapsible, high-intensity Periscope LED light.

The device has a spot for an 8.5" x 11" writing pad for taking notes. The portfolio also includes an expandable document compartment, zippered storage, and pockets for business cards along with a calculator. The portfolio is available now for $59.99.