Periscope Camera Extends the Lens and Bends the Frame of Creativity

Let's face it. There's not a lot of differentiation between cameras. Amongst the point-and-shoots, and amidst the masses of DSLRs, they generally all look alike. There's nothing wrong with that, especially if you start looking at all the color options of those point-and-shoots, but we need something different! And, right on schedule, we've got a DSLR that's unique enough to grab our attention.

The Periscope Camera does exactly what the name entails. And, as you can see from the picture above, it does it with class. The designer's name is Yaniv Berg, and he managed to extend the lens and bend the frame of the DSLR; which means that instead of looking through it, like a traditional camera, you actually look down and into it.

So as you might imagine, you don't need to hold this camera up to your face. You can hold it at your torso somewhere, and still be able to take great shots. There's no mention on the power of the camera itself, or any real details at this point, but we're hoping this gets picked up by some of the bigger camera manufacturers out there. Certainly would be a good way to spice up the industry.

[via DVICE]