Perceptive Pixel's Revolutionary Interface

Imagine the iPhone interface, but much larger and much more awesome. Imagine navigating an interface much like the one in Minority Report. We may not have to imagine much longer. An innovative computing interface is being developed by research scientist Jeff Han from NYU's Courant Institute. We've seen footage of his presentations from early last year, but this latest video demo from his company, Perceptive Pixel, gives you a full dose of his creation.

Han believes that we are in a day and age where we should no longer be conforming to a physical device. And as we can see from the video that the interface responds to touch as well as gestures of varying degrees of pressure, with photos being scattered about and easily repositioned, zoomed in and out, flipped, and thrown all with just intuitive movements of the hand. Keyboards and mice seem doomed for extinction.

Perceptive Pixel gives the ultimate interface [Via: Newlaunches]