People of Lava out 55-inch Android TV

Google TV has helped bring some recognition to TV that is web-based in the home even if the major networks have gelded the service by blocking it from accessing their websites for streaming content. The Android TV from Swedish firm People of Lava are different than Google TV and all run Android 1.5 for the operating system.

The things are said to be like mounting a big smartphone on your wall. The company has a new 55-inch model for the Swedish market that is far from cheap. The set sells for €4,257 and includes a remote control that has a QWERTY keyboard built-in. The company hopes to raise enough money to start selling the TVs in the US market.

The TV has its own app store and right now there are only about 20 apps in the store. People of Lava expect there to be about 1,000 apps in its store by the end of 2010. I don't see why the set wouldn't be able to access the Android Market too. Unless access is blocked somehow.

Via Android Community