Pentax X-Change Digital Point & Shoot SLR

I've always wanted to take professional-looking photos with my small point-and-shoot digital camera, but have had little luck. It is perhaps more a fault of the photographer than the equipment, but I'd like to think it's the equipment. So, why not go get myself a nice digital SLR? Well, they're a little bulky to carry around all day. Thus, this Pentax X-Change really caught my eye. This concept camera, one of many shown at the Photokina, can use different lenses like with a digital SLR but has the compact body of a point-and-shoot. The body is very thin with a pop-up flash and allows the use of small interchangeable lenses. Each lens has an integrated CCD offering different focal lengths. How cool is that?

Pentax X-Change Concept Point & Shoot [Via: Oh Gizmo]