Pentax unveils limited edition (and very colorful) Korejanai K-x DSLR camera

Pentax pulled the wraps off its new entry-level K-x DSLR camera back in September and for the money the little cam offered up a nice feature set. Pentax has offered up a new and very colorful version of the Pentax K-x DSLR called the Korejanai K-x that outfitted in bright basic colors of red, blue, yellow, and white.

The camera is modeled after the Korejanai Robots and ships with a matching bot as well. The camera even has a robot face printed on the pop-up flash making this possibly the geekiest camera ever unveiled. If you are all excited and want one of these for your own there is a catch.

The camera is only available in Japan for the equivalent of $880. The camera is identical in all other features to the version we can get in America. Namely, you get 12.4MP resolution, 2.7-inch rear LCD, 720p HD video capability, and an 18 to 55mm lens.