Pentagon wants poo-powered reactors for military?

The fact that this story turned up yesterday, on April Fool's makes me wonder if this is in fact a joke. That said, it's about poo and I rarely get to write about poo so here it is. According to Wired, the Pentagon is hard at work trying to develop a renewable power source that runs off human excrement (you know caca, poo poo, number two, the big deuce, stanky load, etc).

Darpa is said to be requesting information on approaches to develop a portable generator powered by human waste that could be sustainable for several years off the grid. The reactor would be used for land and water-based operations.

Waste management is a big issue around the world and something like this, as gross as it sounds, would kill two birds with one stone. It would also give new meaning to the term "brown out." I love this story. At any rate, Wired hasn't posted a "haha we got you" comment as of yet, but this still feels like a joke to me. Now, if we can just harness all the wasted wind power from flatulence, we can usher in a new era in clean (but smelly) power.