Pebble rolls out firmware update version 1.10, adds support for third-party watchfaces

Pebble has rolled out version 1.5 of PebbleOS for its popular smartwatch. Users should be seeing the firmware update via the Pebble app, but are advised in the announcement that force quitting the app and then restarting it may be necessary. If that fails, the app may need to be deleted and reinstalled, but the hassle is worth it in the end, with the new version bringing a lot of fixes, improvements, and features.

One of the biggest new features is support for third-party watchfaces created with the watchface SDK, opening users up to a wide range of creations. Then there are some improvements, including a battery indicator that has better responsiveness and accuracy, as well as tweaks to system apps to reduce their drain on the battery and to speed up their response rate.

A couple disable options have been added for turning off the vibrating motor that activates for notifications, as well as turning off backlight activiation via the accelerometer. Factory reset has been tweaked so that it wipes watchfaces and apps that aren't part of the system. In addition, there are a couple changes with how it interacts with iOS – specifically, less "Allow Peble to communicate..." pop-ups and a fix for the battery life problem.

Finally, rounding out the update are a variety of bug fixes, including solutions to the crash that happens when sending a subjectless email on iOS over MAP, the crash that hits the music app when Bluetooth is shut off and tracks are changed too fast, poorly rendered non-fullscreen apps, multiple vibrations modes being kicked off at once, and a fix to the edge-case that impaired proper iOS connection.

[via Pebble]