Pebble firmware 2.2 update brings volume control

Pebble has introduced firmware version 2.2, and with it comes two new features said to provide its users with both better control over the App Menu and over the music controls. For those on iOS, downloading the recently updated iOS App will be necessary.

The update brings Volume Control to the smartwatch, something that has been much-awaited and in the works for quite a while. For those on iOS, you'll need to download the recently updated iOS App in order to take advantage of this feature.

In addition to being able to control volume, Pebble users can now re-order the position of Launcher Menu items however they'd like by holding the Select button. The menu item will start shaking after a moment, after which point it can be moved up or down.

As always, the firmware update has only started rolling out to Pebble owners, and so if you're not seeing it yet, be patient. The firmware can be updated using the Pebble smartphone app. Other changes of note include bug fixes, longer alarm vibration, and a redesigned Music app.

SOURCE: Pebble